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170.2 – Brick and block

Max lift capacity of 1550kg at 10.8 m. the 170.2 is ideal for the Irish market lifting wet concrete blocks with ease.

145.2 -Brick and Block

Max lift capacity of 1240kg at 10.8 m. the 145.2 is lighter tare weight and ideal for the city and urban deliveries.

builder provider crane

105.2 – 18 ton truck builder merchants

Fold up hook loader ideal for builder providers. Light, compact and fast with dual controls either side

170.2 V boom

120.3e – radio remote 18-26 ton truck

Atlas are compatible with the industry standard radio remote controls from HBC , Hectronic and Scanreco.

Atlas 135.2

135.2 – 26 ton truck builder merchants

The 135.2 can be supplied with up to 5 extensions reaching  over 16.4 metres. Giving you the option of delivering your customers loads exactly where they need them.